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Mats Nylinder

At the Sawmill Database, Mats is our primary contact person. He is responsible for the database content.

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Mats Nylinder has an academic track record from The University of New Brunswick, University of Stockholm and SLU; The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The latter from which he holds a Doctor's degree in Measuring and Evaluation of Sawmill Chips and a current professorship in Forest Products. Most of Mats work has been focused on applied research for the forest industry, often in close cooperation with the industry, primarily in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Apart from research, Mats authors books in the subject of wood as a raw material and is involved with higher academic education. Furthermore, Mats Nylinder has previously been employed by The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden (Skogforsk) and Sågisyd, formerly known as SÅBI (a sawmill association for private sawmills in southern Sweden). In 2015 Mats left the University and now works for Kråkfors Forest Products.

Sawmilldatabase is a private website by Kråkfors Forest Products.

Johan Jonsson

Current developer and webmaster of the Sawmill Database.

Petter Friberg

After Oskar, Petter took over the role of developer and did a lot of improvements to the webpage.

Oskar Ståhl

Oskar Ståhl did the initial development and programming of the Sawmill database.