Switzerland's Top Producers - The Sawmill Database

Highest production of sawn wood in Switzerland

Here's a summary of the top producers of sawn wood in Switzerland by production volume.

The figures are based on data from the sawmill database and is for many geographical areas far from complete.

When listing an individual country the production is given for domestic companies, including production in other countries. On the other hand production for foreign companies within the country will not be included.

RankCompanyProduction or
Capacity [m3/yr]
2Despond SA160000
3Joh. Schiess Erben 0
4Overney SA0
5RNW AG / Sägerei 0
6Corbat Holding SA0
7Robert Schafroth AG0
8Brand Stark Holz0
9G. Schelker AG0
10Hofer Holz0
11LerCH HOLZ 0
12Florinett AG 0
RankSawmillProduction or
Capacity [m3/yr]
3Despond sägewerk160000
4Perlen Schilinger80000
6Robert Schafroth Sägewerk & Holzhandel0
7Schimd Sägerei0
8Brand Starkholz sägewerk0
9Meyer Ernst Säge- und Hobelwerk 0
10G. Schelker AG Sägerei und Holzhandel0
11Hofer Holz0
12Joh. Schiess Erben Sägerei0
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