Norway's Top Producers - The Sawmill Database

Highest production of sawn wood in Norway

Here's a summary of the top producers of sawn wood in Norway by production volume.

The figures are based on data from the sawmill database and is for many geographical areas far from complete.

When listing an individual country the production is given for domestic companies, including production in other countries. On the other hand production for foreign companies within the country will not be included.

RankCompanyProduction or
Capacity [m3/yr]
2Bergene Holm AS450000
3RingAlm Tre 160000
4Unknown owner in Norway90000
5Gausdal Bruvoll BA 70000
6Begna Bruk 65000
7Kjeldstad Sagbruk & Høvleri AS 60000
8Øydna Sagbruk AS 0
9Tinnoset Sag AS 0
RankSawmillProduction or
Capacity [m3/yr]
4Nidarå Sawmill150000
5Brandval Sawmill140000
6Kirkenær Sawmill110000
7Van Severen105000
8Eidsvold Veark 90000
9Mjösbruket 85000
10Larvik Sawmill84000
12Begna Bruk75000
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